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"I wonder if we’ll see another sight we’ve never seen before."
"We will. The four of us together."

damn it, seunghoon stop it… no don’t stop.

lol at fans who are pressed over someone not liking everyone in a group

you should just realize that beacue you like a group it does not mean you have to like every person within it and approve of all their actions and their problematic behavior just because they are on your preferred gorup. you are allowed to dislike people in it, especially if they have done problematic stuff. you need to stop making everyone who doesn’t like every single person in a group fall into guilt trips.  people are allowed to like a group but dislike members and not approve or forget their behavior, especially if they’ve done mistakes, you can’t just say “get over it”, maybe you didn’t feel it was such a deal but it may have affected people more than it did to you and you have no right into making someone feel bad for disliking someone for their actions or bad traits just because they are on a music group they like. they are not less fans than you and will never be just because they dislike a member and acknowdledge their wrongdoings. not condoning certain behaviors and expressing it doesn’t mean you automatically hate the person, it means you dislike their views and do not want to support someone who has those kind of views, which is completly comprhensible.

another thing is, just because someone dislikes a person it does not mean they think they do not work hard or have talent (which is up to the person what they consider talent), and this is what most guilt trip posts fail to realize, that you can dislike them for their shitty behavior but still appreciate that they did work hard for a spot in the industry. not liking somoene does not automatically strip them of any achievements they have. saying people are just haters stuck in the past and making posts telling people who dislike them to get over it, how in the wrong they are or how they are not part of the fandom, because they dislike them eventhough they work hard, and their reasons supposedly fail to acknowledge that they do so just because they dislike their actions, is just wrong and patronizing, because you should neve make anyone feel like the bad guy in the fandom for disliking certain individuals within a group for their problematic behavior/thoughs

you can appreciate the performer and their hard work but still dislike the person behind it, is it really that hard to understand that.

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#this is a topic that really pisses me off #fans think of people who dislike someone on the group as less fans than them #and try to guilt trip them into liking someone that they are not comfortable with #it honestly infuriates me how people fail to realize that because problematic actions are in the past #they still can reflect a person's view on things and make people not comfortable with the #m #you can dislike a person but not strip them off their hard work #''if you don't like every single member stop talking to me or get out of the fandom'' #no fuck you people have the right to dislike people that have shitty behavior #and this shit needs to be stopped because if someone is not comfortble with a person and their behavior #you shouldn't fucking force them to appreciate someone that perpetuates hurtful mindsets #even if it's in the fucking past #holy shit is it really that hard to get that #as long as they do not phisically or mentally hurt that person for their disliking #people are fucking allowed to dislike a group member in the quiet and express their dislikeness in a polite manner #because while i do not condone hatred just for the sake of it and that actuall disgusts me #dislike is plausible if you have actual things that you are not comfortable with #just like people who like them and don't have ''oppadidntmeanit-titis'' and recognize the wrongdoings #would you still put them in hater bags in your pitchfork-in-hand posts that make it seem #that everyone who doesn't condone their behavior is a hater with no reason #yeah #also since english isn't my mother tongue idk how to express it 100% #but blow me i do not need to have perfect english #this is a post about shindong #y'all need to chill with the posts just because he cried #and y'all need to fucking chill with that bullshit #that rare time when i express opinions bc it's 1 am and the shitty attitude it's starting to slowly sink back #i saw someone literally treating someone who said they didn't feel comfortable with shindong like filt #actual filth and it made me so sad bc they weren't even being douchebags about it but they attacked them for it #will prbbly delete in less than 10 mins but ya

Hot Hyuk-Mess  щ(ಥДಥщ) | Video by Waka Ky

baby hae’s awkward sexy dance

oh ok siwon

not one but two….poor lightstick ㅋㅋㅋ

They stayed together!

@krungy21 Selfie with leedonghae #SuperShow6