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040212- Pre-debut Donghae. (Probably it’s from the same day that this pic, at least it seems like it by the clothes) 


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She likes my Shirt Shirt Shirt Shirt
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Anonymous: "glad to see you back in a better state vanessa, i guess a hiatus was what u really needed n yes i am that same anon who use to write u many asks :) i can tell u won't be as active as pre-hiatus but all e same i appreciate whatever little u post about eunhae \o/ your tags about them r perfect! donghae will just have to deal :^) did u enjoy mamacita album? hyuk has epic rap in raining spell of love n really everyone sounds gorgeous especially hae in midnight blues \o/"

well aren’t you just the sweetest thing! thank you!!!! n__n/ i am glad to see you are still holding onto my blog after all this time u are such a bae ;; hahaha thanks tho my tag game has been really weak lately, but i appreciate it!

i actually did, i think it was fresh and the songs were really diversed, i still haven’t listened to the whole album 100% because i’ve been kinda busy, but i went through my itunes list of it listening a little of everything, and i definetely feel like it’s okay (maybe too ballad-y for me). mamacita was pretty okay and i really enjoyed it, but the rap fit like a sore thumb and destroyed the song for me, so i haven’t been replaying it much because the “”“rap”“” fits so bad that it makes me uncomfrotable. sm needs to stop pretending hyukjae and shindong can rap, like they should at least with hyukjae, who has shown a relatively good singing voice recently, train him in singing so rap breaks stop being a thing just because sm thinks he can’t sing and makes him rap or whatever they do is :/ now that we are over dubstep breaks they should just take the next step already christ.

(also it would have been neat since they are exaggerating spanish things to have included some spanish lines instead of only putting exaggerated sterotypes in the mv and still put english lines, because you know, it would have balanced the fact that they are trying to be “spanish” on the mv, but i digress)

and what about you anonnnn, how did u feel about the album? n_n

life goals.

Hyukkie’s reactions when he watches HaeHyuk first kiss scene.

donghae861015: It’s raining~~~ ah~~~~~~~~~ :) I like it a lot !! (c)

the lion and the kitten

Anonymous: "hi there i almost thought u knew spanish or do you? and god than chill gif. I feel like they think japan/china is a ay fest of some sort, they wont stop they cant stop. and donghae is either super gay or super creeper bc i like a stalker i am I went and looked at the instas he is following and oh surprise he is followin some girl-fashion insta.... idk why I'm telling u this but saranghaeee~~~~"



what is that with the “or do you”, u wanna fight bruh

of course i know spanish anon, i am spanish. i was born in spain and i lived there since i was born. my first language(s) are spanish (and catalan), what did you miss son do you want me 2 talk in spanish 2 u bc i will

estoy hablando en español porqué… uh, sinceramente, no tengo ni puñetera idea de la razón, me ha pillado un poco de sopetón la pregunta. si me pudieras decir a que venía, estaría bien porqué de verdad tengo curiosidad pero … ¿espero que esto confirme tu pregunta de si se hablar español….? no se a que venía en contexto para nada y estoy moderadamente tirando hacia muy confundida. si es porqué mi inglés es muy conversacional… pues no se, aun así sigo hablando español lol lo hablo 100% del tiempo, ya que sinceramente solo hablo inglés en internet o en necesidad, que lo use en la vida real es extraño, muy, muy muuuuuuuuuuuuuuy extraño.

ah i també puc parlar catalá ja que també es un dels meus idiomes natius encara que el faig servir poc.

u wanna translate that bruh

i actually talked about this a year ago in some ask that basically said that i think eunhae are more open in china (well, i guess japan too now lol idk aren’t fancams like prohibited ther and shit), because i think they feel safer being themselves there. not themselves like gay or dating (whcih could be but ppl are senstive so i shut my trap) i mean being free of doing what they want to do without thinking of consequences, and i think it’s mostly because the chinese fans are really open minded about eunhae, most of the hardcore eunhae stans that believe in them being a couple (not like i fans and their shitty behavior woards the possibility of them being gay mabe) are mostly from china, i think the chinese fanbase of eunhae has a lot of belief in them and doesn’t really care that much so it probably makes them feel more open about their actions, in general i feel they feel safer being overly expressive somewhere where it’s not their “home” country, ya feel, i mean i expressed it better on that anon ask, so you should probably look for it if ya feel up to it, it’s better than whatever i could say right now since then i was an eunhae hardcore appreciator, as opposed to now that i am more like whatever floats their boat lmao


well. that’s weird.

he’s obviously not interesed in fashion, as we can see by his airport pictures

…i’m such a piece of shit to donghae honestly

but i don’t feel anything about it, like, he can follow who he wants??????????????? and not mean anything like maybe he likes seeing someone with a fashion sense for a change ( i am trash). am i supposed to say something here anon of my heart

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